ESP Advisors is defined by our mission to elevate ocean priorities. We provide insight and expertise that empowers organizations to further their goals and shape meaningful change to policy and public opinion.


When it comes to successful government relations and public affairs, you need a pilot who can chart your course through the murky, ever-changing waters of Washington, D.C.


ESP Advisors is a woman-owned, bipartisan firm that is dedicated to tailored, creative, and results-driven client support. We are a team of oceans and science experts from diverse policy, communications, and business strategy backgrounds. Our strong networks in the community, as well as with key leaders in the federal government, enable us to inspire collaborative solutions to complex problems. 


Our firm works to energize the ocean community, elected officials, and their constituents so that marine ecosystems and economies get the attention and funding they need to thrive. ESP Advisors is here to ensure your message is heard, understood, and amplified where it counts most. 


I grew up in coastal New England and spent my days exploring the ocean, whether it was driving water taxis for my summer job or sailing, fishing, and swimming in my free time. Everywhere I turned, I became more aware of the immense challenges and questions facing our society and the ocean world I loved. How do we ensure safety at sea with improved data and technology? How do we better manage our resources so we can ensure a thriving economy and environment for the next generation? How do we galvanize public interest in our oceans and build an understanding of the incredible
benefits they provide?


I needed to know more, so I pursued a Master’s degree in Marine Affairs from the University of Rhode Island to gain a deeper scientific knowledge of the challenges facing our ocean and the communities that depend on it. After graduating, I worked with the state of Rhode Island on coastal resilience policy and saw the impacts of good and bad federal laws at the local level. I also worked in the state office of a U.S. Senator, further opening my eyes to the impact of federal policy on our communities. I became determined to better understand the mechanics of power in Washington.


I was awarded a John A. Knauss Sea Grant fellowship and headed to Washington, D.C., where I fell in love with federal policy. There, I served as staff on the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, where I learned not only how to write legislation and get it passed, but also how Congress conducts business and negotiates priorities. Importantly, I saw what successful advocacy by outside groups looked like, and what to avoid.

After Capitol Hill, I joined the private sector, advocating for ocean health, fisheries, food, and trade policy at the federal level, as well as working internationally on maritime domain awareness and ocean technology. As a lobbyist at a top firm working for some of the largest corporations in the world, I furthered their priorities across a wide spectrum of issues and secured wins for our clients.

Throughout this journey, I kept wondering if there was a way to amplify the voices of the ocean, environment, and science community. I felt strongly that there was a need for a specialized firm focused on their specific needs. Conversations with my network and the broader community served to corroborate this idea.

So, in March 2020, I founded ESP Advisors to deliver professionalized and tailored government and public affairs services with a goal to raise awareness of, and drive success for, oceans, the environment, and science policy priorities.

We’ve built a team of passionate individuals with that vision in mind, and we are honored to work with some of the leading organizations in oceans, technology, seafood, and natural resources. We provide our clients with the insight and expertise they need to navigate Washington, D.C.

You have the vision. You have the goals. Now you have ESP.

Emily Patrolia
Founder & CEO