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Meet the Founder


Emily Patrolia

Founder and CEO

Emily Patrolia founded ESP Advisors in 2020 to amplify the voice of the ocean, environment, and science community. She draws upon her extensive advocacy experience and deep understanding of environmental and political science to lead and support her team and drive client success.  

Emily grew up in coastal New England, where she spent her days exploring the ocean and learning about the immense challenges that surround ocean and coastal issues. After receiving a master’s degree in marine affairs from the University of Rhode Island, she worked with the state on coastal resilience policy and witnessed the impacts of federal laws at the local level. Her love for the nuanced and challenging policy world continued to grow when she learned about the inner workings of the federal government while serving as staff for Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and John Thune (R-SD). 

During her time as Knauss Fellow on the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Emily wrote and passed legislation and gained keen insight into how Congress conducts business and negotiates priorities. Importantly, she learned what successful advocacy looks like and which strategies to avoid.

After working in Congress, Emily joined the private sector, advocating for ocean health and fisheries at the federal level and working internationally on maritime domain awareness and ocean technology to address illegal fishing and wildlife trafficking. Later, as a lobbyist at a top firm working for some of the largest corporations in the world in food and trade policy, she secured challenging wins in sustainability and furthered her clients’ priorities.


Throughout her career, Emily worked to make an impact on issues that affect our ocean and the people and wildlife who depend on them. Through professional government and public affairs services, ESP Advisors furthers that goal. 


Emily and her team are honored to work with some of the leading organizations in oceans, technology, seafood, and natural resources. She is proud of the success that the firm has achieved for its clients and of her work to build and lead a team of passionate, talented individuals who are energized by our clients’ missions. 


How can we better manage our resources to ensure a thriving economy and environment for the next generation? How can we ensure safety at sea with improved data and technology? How can we galvanize public interest in our oceans and build understanding around the incredible benefits they provide?

These are the questions ESP Advisors seeks to answer. 


You have the vision. You have the goals. Now you have ESP.

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