ESP Advisors and our team of bipartisan, bicameral policy experts will work hand in glove with you to grow your influence in Washington, D.C. Our legislative experience, trusted relationships with policymakers, and networks with diverse stakeholders allow us to deliver exemplary results. Whether it is crafting an appropriations request, preparing to testify at a hearing, or securing a legislative win, our team is dedicated to your success.


  • Build brand awareness among targeted leaders and educate key staff about mission and needs.

  • Ensure your organization gets a seat at the table with decision-makers at the highest levels.

  • Provide insight and analysis on legislative and regulatory activity, and insight into what to expect from DC.

  • Create alliances with others who share policy priorities or represent interests in existing
    trade groups.

  • Cultivate champions among Congressional and political leaders in Washington.

  • Draft, hone, and carry your message to key decision-makers.

  • Plan and host congressional briefings, events, agency roundtables, and delegation trips, in-person or virtually.


  • Draft and edit legislation, report language, testimony, and formal comments.


  • Engage with key White House personnel and political appointees, nominees, and Cabinet Secretaries to ensure they are well-versed on your priorities.

  • Work towards executive action to further or complement efforts in Congress.

  • Identify and pursue opportunities for procurement.

  • Build relationships and meet with key agency staff.

  • Work closely to build programs and offer requests for key issues.

  • Respond to requests for comment in the federal register on proposed rulemaking.



  • Create a Congressional roadmap and comprehensive target list for engagement on Capitol Hill.

  • Build key Members into champions of your organization or priority issues.

  • Build coalitions around issues, including Members of Congress and key strategic partners to raise awareness and amplify efforts.

  • Work with committees and caucuses to ensure messages are heard more broadly.

  • Track and provide summaries of relevant hearings.

  • Secure congressional recognition of your organization, successes, or priorities.

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  • Draft legislation and identify Congressional champions for introduction and cosponsorship in both chambers.

  • Identify and pursue favorable legislation.

  • Suggest and advocate for changes to controversial language or raise issues with problematic bills.

  • Advocate for legislative hearings, markups, and passage of key bills.

Dollar Bills
  • Work with the agencies and the White House Office of Management and Budget to advocate for priorities in the annual President’s Budget.

  • Build relationships with appropriators and manage appropriations requests Congress-wide.

  • Draft appropriations requests and report language.

  • Advocate for priorities during the negotiation process.