Haley Steinhauser

Communications Director

Haley Steinhauser’s love for storytelling landed her in the field of Marketing and Communications where she has worked in startups for over a decade managing teams, leading strategic (internal and external) communications, developing brand strategy, and elevating executive team members into thought leaders.


Prior to launching Hayward Collective and partnering with ESP Advisors, Haley led communications for multiple local political campaigns and directed corporate communication for various startups and nonprofits in a wide variety of industries.


Companies inside Hayward Collective's portfolio include Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Vote.org, Purify Fuel, and more.


After graduating from Regis University with a BA in English she moved from Colorado back home to Long Beach, California where she currently resides with her husband and dog. 

Get to Know Haley

What’s your go-to coffee or tea drink? 

A Starbucks, venti non-fat, sugar free vanilla latte. It’s life!

Which marine animal deserves a shout-out? Why? 

That’s easy — sea otters! Any animal that eats 25% of their body weight in food, is my kind of animal.

What are you listening to or reading right now?

Thanks to Tik-tok, I was introduced to author Colleen Hoover and I have yet to read a book I didn’t love by her!  

Favorite shows or podcasts to binge? 

My go-to binge watching shows include anything on Bravo!, The West Wing, Alias, and Madam Secretary. 

It’s Saturday at 2pm - what are you most likely up to?

I am likely hanging out, relaxing at home with my husband and dog, Quincy!