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Stacy Knight

Policy Manager

Stacy Knight has over a decade of experience in the corporate, academic, and non-profit sectors from areas of research, science, conservation, and ocean policy. Stacy’s continuing focus is connecting people to the ocean through public speaking, events, publications, and outreach. Most recently, Stacy worked to elevate industry partner relationships and sustainability commitments for a non-profit and its members. Previously she worked on the Consortium for Ocean Leadership’s policy team, focusing on issues ranging from ocean security and STEM education to aquaculture and climate change. 

Prior to moving to Washington, DC, Stacy focused on applied research and public-facing science. She performed coral restoration, ornamental aquaculture, sea turtle rehabilitation, and animal husbandry, and conducted experiments on underwater acoustics, dolphin cognition, and fish disease for Walt Disney World and SeaWorld. In her spare time she wrote reports for Monterey Bay’s Seafood Watch, served on the executive board of DC EcoWomen, and mentored startups in ocean incubators.

Stacy received her Master’s in Conservation Biology from the University of Central Florida and her Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and Biology from Drake University.