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It's Infrastructure Week (finally)!

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The Senate just cleared the major procedural vote to move forward on a bipartisan infrastructure package. The full text is not yet released (and may not even be written yet), but based on a robust outline, here are some great highlights for oceans, ports, coastal resilience, and science:

Research and Science

  • $6 billion for Army Corps of Engineers construction projects, including coastal storm risk management/hurricane and storm damage reduction projects.

  • $492 million for NOAA National Coastal Resiliency Fund, a partnership with National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF).

  • $491 million for NOAA Community-Based Restoration Project, which helps buffer shorelines from erosion, reducing flooding, and removing hazardous structures.

  • $492 million for NOAA mapping, observations, and modeling.

  • $25m for NOAA National Mesonet Program for acquisition and use of data generated by the Upper Missouri River Basin.

  • $200 million for the NOAA Marine Debris Program.

  • $275 million for Save Our Seas 2.0 Post-consumer Materials Management Grants ($55 million/year).

Resiliency - Ecosystems

  • $500 million Army Corps Ecosystem Restoration

  • $1 million for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

  • $207 million for Coastal Zone Management Program

  • $77 million for National Estuarine Research Reserve System

  • $172 million for Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund

  • $56 million for Regional Ocean Partnerships

  • $150 million for Oceans and Coastal Observations

Maritime Shipping and Infrastructure

  • $7.5 billion for Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) grants.

  • $455 million per year over 5 years for DOT's Port Infrastructure Development Program (PDIP) and Marine Highways Program (MHP) to improve infrastructure, reduce or eliminate pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions.

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