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Ocean Blue Happy Hours are a series of virtual oceans-themed happy hours with moderated discussions on topics of interest to the community, and opportunities for networking in breakout sessions.

Happy hours are open to participants at all career stages and backgrounds. We welcome any and all ocean lovers and practitioners. You must RSVP to participate.

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How to get involved with Ocean Blue Happy Hours:


Become a Guest Co-Host or Moderator

Email us to moderate an upcoming happy hour, or suggest a topic and be a guest co-host! As a co-host, the topics and speakers will be led by you, and we will support you by helping coordinate speakers, come up with an agenda, and manage the Happy Hour.


We will continue to prioritize the voices of early career ocean scientists and highlight the work of underrepresented researchers and policy-makers in the ocean sciences. Email us with ideas (Emily: / Rennie:

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How to get involved
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Upcoming Happy Hours
  • Coastal & Ocean Community Happy Hour
    Coastal & Ocean Community Happy Hour
    Tue, Apr 30
    Barrel DC
    Apr 30, 2024, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Barrel DC, 613 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, Washington, DC 20003, USA
Snorkeling in the Ocean

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Previous topics & agendas




04/16: Ocean Science in the Time of CV-19 (Agenda)

05/07: Ocean Technology and Sustained Observations (Agenda)

05/12: Lightning HH: Deep Dive on the Seafood Executive Order (hosted by Emily)

05/21: Equity, Inclusion, and the Ocean Science Pipeline (Agenda) (Not recorded)

Click here to find DEI resources compiled for the community by presenters.

07/02: Equity Pt 2: Ensuring Inclusion in Institutions (Agenda) (Not recorded)

07/16: OBHH x WAN present - Circle of Mentoring: Leveraging Mentoring to Build an Aquatic Career (Agenda)

Click here to find mentorship resources compiled for the community by presenters.

09/11: Coastal Risk, Equity, and Adaptation (Agenda)


01/27: Ocean Outlook 2021 (Agenda)


02/01: Ocean Outlook 2022 (Agenda)

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Ocean Blue Happy Hours are often recorded for folks who can't make it. If any participant does not want the video to be shared publicly, it will not be. Breakout sessions are not included in the recordings.

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