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PRESS RELEASE: ESP Advisors Announces Staff Updates

Washington, D.C. Wednesday, June 1, 2022 – ESP Advisors is pleased to announce the addition of two new team members, celebrate three promotions, and share upcoming employment opportunities with the firm.

“I am thrilled to strengthen our team of talented ocean policy and communications experts in support of our clients and the continued growth of our firm,” ESP Advisors Founder and CEO Emily Patrolia said. “These new hires and promotions will reinforce ESP Advisors’ mission to elevate ocean priorities as we continue to expand the services and expertise we offer.”

New Team Members

Sarah Keartes joined the firm as Communications Manager. In this role, she will provide communications and media relations support to ESP Advisors and our clients as the firm continues to grow. Keartes brings extensive marine science and environmental communications expertise to her role at ESP Advisors. Keartes excels at using storytelling as a pathway to learning and making complex topics both accessible and engaging for maximum impact.

Stacy Knight joined the firm as Policy Manager. In this role, she will advocate for our clients’ policy priorities and manage legislative research and analysis deliverables. Knight brings over a decade of experience in the corporate, academic, and non-profit sectors in applied research, conservation, and ocean policy. Her expertise ranges from ocean security and STEM education to aquaculture and climate change. Knight excels at critical analysis and connecting people to the ocean through public speaking, events, publications, and outreach.


Kat Montgomery – formerly ESP Advisor’s Policy Director – is now Chief Operations Officer. In this new role, Montgomery will ensure ESP trains run on time and that the team has everything it needs to deliver for our clients.

Martha Newell-Kinsman – formerly ESP Advisor’s Chief of Staff – is now Chief Strategy Officer. In this new role, Newell-Kinsman will lead ESP Advisor’s external relations, oversee major client deliverables, and assist CEO Emily Patrolia with managing new business.

Sam O’Brien – formerly ESP Advisor’s Financial and HR Director – is now Chief Financial Officer. In this new role, O’Brien will lead the firm’s finance and human resources departments, onboard new hires, and manage the firm’s outside consultants.

Now Hiring

Interested in joining our team? We are now hiring an Associate. Learn more and apply by visiting our careers page. Please feel free to share this listing with any strong candidates in your network.

For more information on ESP Advisors, please visit

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Environment, Science, and Policy Advisors is a full-service, bipartisan firm that provides government relations and strategic communications from a team of policy veterans and public affairs professionals who are subject-matter experts on all things oceans. ESP Advisors works tirelessly to ensure clients have the insight they need and a seat at the table where decisions are made.

Sarah Keartes

Communications Manager



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